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When To Use Each Test Essay

When to use each test? What is the sig value? Whether or not it is significant? Read output and tell you what that value means (significant or not)

One sample: given population value and compare your sample to that population Know if its significant: analyze compare means, one sample t-test Independent sample t-test: lab one against lab five
Two independent groups (compare their means)
Significance use twotail
Define the correct groups:
Paired sample: only care about one lab and you look at before or after (temporal component) something has changed over time Compare what you were like at the beginning of the class and what they were like after the class ANOVA: test whether or not there is a significant difference between 3 different groups P value by using a post-doc analysis using tukey

Tukey tests the comparison of each group (you get a p-value for each comparison) Anova only tells us if there is a difference somewhere in there Appropriate test to run: TUKEY (test individual groups to see if there is a difference)  post-doc Pvalue = 0.07 (there is no sig value because it is above 0.05) If its above 0.05 there is no statistical difference

Run a one way ANOVA,

5 questions (more accurately 7 questions) and 1 bonus
Fun sheet will be given from both lab tests
There may be something small from the last test

Independent values
Analyze, compare means, gives you a window with variables, move over appropriate variable (age), put in whatever value For a before and after data test, move over and put in appropriate mean variable (could be either variable) Put dependent variable into the top box (test variable)

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