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Wheat Essay Topics & Paper Examples

United Grain Growers

United Grain Growers Limited (UGG) is the third-largest grain handler and distributor of crop inputs (seed, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides) in Canada. UGG was formed in 1906 and, until 1993, operated as a farmer-owned cooperative whose primary business and income came from grain handling in western Canada. Western Canada has more than 100,000 farms, and in 1997, farm expenditures on crop inputs and feed totaled approximately C$4 billion. In the late 1990s, Canada’s share of world wheat trade was 22 percent, virtually all produced in western Canada. UGG fulfills a key role in the “seed-to-supermarket” food system. It provides a reliable supply channel, with on-time delivery to exacting specifications. Canadian law requires that all wheat and barley destined for human…

Wheat Fields of Arabian Deserts

These wheat fields at the heart of the Arabian Deserts have fascinated me. What caught my attention to them is how interesting they look on the map. The circles of varying shapes and color intensity are like marbles scattered on the floor. I almost didn’t believe this picture at first. So much more when I researched and learned that these are actually wheat fields at the center of a desert! How could anyone grow vegetation in a desert? I thought only a cactus can survive there. And why in circular shape? As I read several articles about this, I became more interested than ever. The wheat fields are actually Saudi Arabia’s way of boosting their economy. The kingdom sought of…