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What Young India Wants Essay

Every morning, India wakes up to brand new stories of scams, corruption, rape , child deaths and suicide by students or farmers. Over the years, we’ve grown so used to this kind of news that we’ve stopped caring, if not demur at the crunch in some kind- especially the youth.

What Young India Wants plunges into some of the main issues in India with a “youth’s eye-view”(which is the reason why Chetan Bhagat appeals to the youngsters..!) and examine the glitches and dishes out some antidotes to the mammoth problems of corruption, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment.

The “solution” offered by Chetan appear to be revolutionary but are quite far fetched. The reader may not necessarily agree with the author all the time, but sure will find a lot of instances where one can easily relate to ones life in the subcontinent.

The book is a collection of the essays and columns by Chetan Bhagat that he wrote for various newspapers. His work starts with a short, yet gripping autobiography of the writer. The one liners at the start of each essays gives a satirical and pleasant touch to the theme.

The book focuses mainly on three topics-
Our Society- It emphasises on the power of the society of the country, no matter how big or small, urban or rural, educated or uneducated, society is indeed the part and parcel of government, especially a democracy. For any change to happen in the country, the society has to change in terms of its values,its mindset and ethics

Politics- Indian politics has always been a hard nut to crack and it always will be. For any aspiring young Indian or anyone who cares about Indian Politics- the book provides a flavor of what it takes to be a part of the biggest democracy in the world.The book will just give us just an obscure idea of Indian politics and the solutions offered here seems too far-fetched.

The Youth-My favourite part of the book. As far as India is concerned, the youth of the country is what matters- The author takes an intriguing dig at
the problems faced by the 70%of the population- mainly the problem of being under-represented and having little or no say in the governance or national affairs besides having the problem of lack of good colleges and job opportunities.

What Young India Wants may not create ripples in the youth and make them rise up against the corrupt politicians like Anna Hazare’s movement .(But, in reality half the people weren’t aware of the actual reason or cause or why they were protesting in the first place.!! ) But this first ever non-fiction by a novelist will inspire the reader and will create a spark in his/her hearts (believe me it has..!)It can bring about a change in their attitude and behaviour and gives substance to their thoughts and opinions.

The least thing that any student must do is to question on whatever you feel inappropriate rather than blindly ignoring it.We have to prove that the present generation is not just a bunch of youngsters who loves fast food , watch movies and IPL, or play video games or party all night.We have to show that we too give a damn about our country and its issues And more importantly, we should change our mindsets about India, get over with our cynical thoughts and believe in the power within us- the power of the Youth.

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