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What will you do if you only have 24 hours to live? Essay

Time is a precious gift God has given to each of us. It should not be wasted nor spent extravagantly. It’s a treasure, a limited treasure while we are on earth. Each of us have time for everything according to what and where we want our time to be used at. And each of us will be given the last 24 hours to live.

In my part, given the last 24 hours to live I will make use of my time wisely. I will be using it for the best purpose a person should use it. The first thing I will do is to repent for all my sins. I will confess all my sins and pray earnestly to God to forgive me. I will offer a prayer for all I love so that before my time ends I have done something for them, something that is priceless and will never be taken from them. I will ask forgiveness from all I have quarrel with, from all I have hurt, and from those I troubled. I will enjoy every minute of the 24 hours given to me. I will meet my friends and hang out with them and go to the places where we enjoyed our friendship the most.

I will go to the places where I have happy memories. I will take a lot of pictures of myself together with my friends and my family so that I can leave a proof of my existence. I will spend the remaining time of the 24 hours with my family. I will do the things I have never done for the past for them. I will cook for them, serve them and talk to them with the things I’ve done that they don’t know. I will spend the rest of my time sharing them everything. I will ask forgiveness from them from all my mistakes and for all the times I missed with them.

Those are the things I will do with my last 24 hours. Those things are just so good to bid goodbye from everyone. Those things are the things that will surely make me happy for the last hours of my life. It maybe a short time but it would be very meaningful and remarkable time of my life.

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