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What should Troy do Essay

If troy has to work overtime on a business project then his boss, Mr Hunt has to compensate Troy with an overtime pay, if not then he will be exploiting Troy for his own gain. Troy does not have to pressure and exhaust himself over the projects since he is not a senior executive or a big shot at the firm making the big bucks. If that does not work, Troy can go to Mr. Hunt’s superiors and nd tell them about the situation. If that doesn’t do anything, threaten legal action.

I guarantee they’ll change their tune real quick. One thing Troy can do is to take the work home and convince his boss that he will be working form home. Describe one process through which Troy might attempt to resolve his dilemma. One way Troy might attempt to resolve his dilemma is to confront his superior and explain to him that the project requires more time and that Troy will have to put some overtime in order to complete the project. Although Mr.

Hunt and the customer may not be pleased about it, Troy on the other hand will not be so stressed out to make the deadline. Troy can find a way to and figure out a way to work with his boss to design the job to fit Troy’s life as well as meet the customers’ requirements, but Troy faces the problem of raising on the corporate ladder. On the other hand, Troy can work “off the clock” and accomplish the project just on time and have a chance to be promoted, however he will be sacrificing his family and personal life.

Consider the impact of this company’s approach on young editors. How could working long hours be an ethical problem? Working long hours is a classic manager’s dilemma. On the one hand, if a subordinate is working long hours, it can reflect dedication and commitment to the job. It can also mean the person has no work-life balance, which could come back and bite the company down the line. It can also mean that the employee cannot effectively manage his time or people.

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