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The case study is about the issues regarding the Scotch Whiskey firm, Glenmeadie. The Whiskey market is generally targeted at middle-aged consumers with a disposable income, as whiskey is considered as luxury product. The key issue in this case study lies upon which part Glenmeadie should invest more in product innovations or the front-end of its business. Glenmeadie is an accomplished Scotch Whiskey Company that proved its superior quality in the International Wine and Spirits Competition by winning four gold medals. The company’s Tastemakers programme which assists to improve interactions with customers and the Glenmeadie’s marketing performance had expressed in ‘Corporate Events’ magazine; which has proven that the company’s marketing is getting some recognition.

For instance, the Glenmeadie made several marketing activities, not only a tastemakers programme in twenty-five different cities. The company also developed new interactive capabilities (Web site) and software such as gift card printing and label making and a new customer information phone service. The aim of the marketing plans by Glenmeadie’s CMO, Nevin Wallace, is “making customers feel a more personal connection with the brand” which encourages sales to rise quite dramatically. In spite of the fact that Glenmeadie has apparently made considerable efforts in its marketing, the whiskey company still has significant matters to cope with. According to a long-run view of the company’s successful future, Glenmeadie should make marketing or production innovations a priority. In order to do this, experts’ advice will help to get broader views.

Commentaries from the experts

There are three main points for Glenmeadie’s innovation priorities made by four experts, (who have different experiences and business backgrounds) which are Product development perspectives, Front-end initiatives and equal efforts.

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