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What Qualities A Teacher Should Have Essay

 Teachers play an important role in the education of every student. There are many who think that a teacher have a certain skill in teaching their students. I think that a teacher should obtain multiple qualities to be able to have the skill in teaching. In my view, a teacher must enjoy their job. They should do this because if they do not then they will become unhappy. Once a teacher is unhappy, they will not be able to perform well for their job. If a teacher is not able to perform well; how will a student be able to learn the proper skills for their subject? A teacher should have knowledge about their subject. If a teacher does not have the knowledge; how will he be able to guide his students towards the right path?

The teacher should have knowledge because he will be able to share his knowledge with his students, which enables his students to learn more. I strongly believe that a teacher should present his subject in an interesting manner. If a subject is not presented in an interesting manner; how will students be able to obtain the information given to them? Students these days have very limited attention spans. If very vital information is being presented in a boring monotone voice; do you think students will remember this information? A teacher should be hardworking, caring, responsible and must like children. If a teacher is none these; how do you think a student will react? If a teacher is not hardworking; will he be able to actually teach a student something?

If a teacher is not caring; will he able to gain the trust of a student? If a teacher is not responsible; will he be able to handle the welfare of a student? If a teacher dislikes children; will he be able to achieve in getting any information towards a student? In conclusion, I think in order to obtain a certain skill in teaching; a teacher must be able to have certain qualities such as the ability to appreciate his job, the knowledge of a subject, the ability to present their subject in an interesting manner, the ability to be hardworking, caring, responsible and the ability to like children. Teachers are counted as a noble profession as they shape the minds of tomorrow.

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