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What Literacy Means To Me Essay

What role does literacy play in my life? Literacy makes me think of ways to do things in my everyday life. Being literate gives me the opportunity to read and write. Also it helps me to understand things better and in a different perspective. literacy plays a role in everybody’s life each day whether we know it or not

Without literacy in my life I wouldn’t be able to function from day to day. When I’m on my phone no matter what I do on there I would need literacy. Also when I play sports we use literacy all the time no matter if we know it or not. Also when reading books in class i need literacy to help me comprehend the book better.

People that are illiterate can’t function on a day to day basis like we can. Like people that live in the middle of nowhere with no education or common sense would not be able to adapt to stuff like we can. Also they wouldn’t be able to comprehend the books that we read or even understand them the same way we do. That is why literacy plays a big role in everyone’s lives.

One of the biggest reasons literacy plays a role in our lives is because our day and age is based on literacy. Without it there’s not much you would be able to do now a days. Also if you tried to go without it for one day it would be impossible. Therefore it is one of the most important things in our everyday life. That is why literacy plays a huge role in my life.

When I talk on the phone I use literacy. When I take a test in class I use literacy. When I give a speech I use literacy. Those are few of the many things in which I use literacy in just one day. So the big question is what role does literacy play in my life? A huge role, because without it all I could do is nothing. That is why we need literacy in our lives.

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