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What is Environmental Psychology Essay

To define environmental psychology I would first define the words environment and psychology separately. The environment is best described as the world around you, your home, your city, your country, and even your perception of earth. Psychology is the study of human mental processes and human emotions. Scientists study the human brain and aspects of communication to interpret the way people feel and think both within themselves and as they interact with one another.

I would define environmental psychology as the analysis of individuals and how their environment, or the world surrounding them, affects their emotions and mental processes and how they in turn affect the environment. An important milestone in the development of environmental psychology is the distinction between man made environment and the natural environment. The differentiation between man made environments and the natural environment determine whether an environment requires preservation such as a wildlife reserve or merely spatial recognition and maintenance such as a private garden.

Moser (2003) wrote: “the distinction between built and natural environments makes it possible to take into account different levels of analysis” (para. 8). I chose to discuss this milestone because I believe that in our comprehension of our environment we can better understand how to care for our environment and in turn how the environment affects us. Our environment affects us both physically and mentally in both natural and built environments. Determining the cause and effect of certain environmental stimuli can greatly aid in our studies on human development.

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