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What Happens in the Sacraments Essay

1. What does the Church’s liturgy celebrate?
The Church’s liturgy celebrates the Paschal Mystery of Christ.

2. Redemption is the action of Jesus Christ whereby he paid the price of his own Death on the cross to save us from sin and thus return us to new, eternal life in union with God. In the Eucharist we proclaim the mystery of our Redemption.

3. True or False? In the liturgy we remember and participate in the events that accomplished our Redemption. True

4. What is a central theme of the spiritual writing of Blessed Dom Columba Marmion, O.S.B.? Explain. A central theme in his writing is “divine adoption”

5. In the Eucharist Christ communicates the fruits of the Paschal Mystery. Through faith and our participation in the sacraments, every facet of our lives becomes intertwined with the life of Jesus as we grow in union with the Blessed Trinity.

Pages 32 – 37 Christ Acts through the Sacraments
6. True or False? The Apostles were empowered to begin the mission to teach and baptize people of all nations on the Jewish Feast of the Ascension. FALSE The Apostles were empowered to begin the mission to teach and baptize people of all nations on the Jewish Feast of Pentecost.

7. The experience of Paraclete forever changed the Apostles as they became enlivened, rejuvenated, and filled with courage. They spoke openly to the “Jews from every nation” who had come to Jerusalem for the celebration.

8. The Holy Spirit continued to be present in the Apostles and they became “sacramental signs” of Christ. Through Apostolic succession they entrusted the power and authority of the Holy Spirit to their replacements.

9. True or False? The events of our Salvation occurred only once, but by the power of the Holy Spirit the liturgy makes these events present and real for us today. True

10. God the Father is the source of the blessing we receive from the liturgy. Our response involves recognizing God’s blessings in the story of creation, His covenants with the Chosen people and finally in the coming of Christ.

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