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What Do People Want in Life? Essay

What do people want in life? Different people have different perspective on what they want in life. So, what is the common thing that everyone wants in life? To answer this we need to ask the right question. So what is the right question? The right question is do you want humanity to live? I think we know the answer to that question. If you think humanity deserve to die then you should be stop. A lot of problems can be solved by just asking this question. We all have a common similarity which is we are all members of humanity. And we should not forsake humanity. Do good to one another, be kind to one another and we all can live in harmony. Because of greed were far away from living in harmony. We always want more for ourselves. If we want more someone is this world will get less. This is why there are differences between rich and poor.

For example, a rich person wants a Ferrari and a poor person also wants a Ferrari. But only the rich person will get the Ferrari. Why? They both want the same thing. Why the poor person can’t get the Ferrari? Because resources are scarce. If everyone in the world wants a Ferrari that would be impossible because we can’t cater everyone’s needs due to limited resources. So if we can’t afford a Ferrari we should not do anything that can harm another person to get what we want. Our basic needs are food, shelter, and cloth. We must make sure everyone have these basic needs, and then we can cater our other needs.

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