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What do libraries have to offer? Essay

This essay will describe the benefits of using the Ashford library. The Ashford library is a great place to help out with assignments how to write papers and tutorials to help you get through Ashford University. The benefits of using a proprietary database such as Ashford’s Library is that this database can only be used by Ashford students and faculty. Ashford’s library is a Digital Library everything in the Ashford library is accessed through the internet. I feel that the benefits of using this type database is that it’s not open to the public and is only available to a certain group of people who have paid to enter the database or belong to a organization associated with the database. The Ashford library is made up of many databases J such as STOR, EBSCO, and WORLDCAT just to name a few. EBSCO is the most popular in the Ashford library and it is used to locate books as well as journals.

JSTOR is also a proprietary database that is made up by journals written by scholars about science, social science, and humanities. WORLDCAT is a database that helps find books at local libraries and is connected with local libraries which makes it easier to locate books you need. The differences between scholarly resources and popular resources are the audiences they are intended for. Scholarly resources are intended for Scholars, students, and researchers. Scholarly resources usually are very lengthy and are supported by other scholars reviewing them and also by research. These types of resources usually have proof backing them.

These items aren’t easily understood because they are written on a scholar level. Popular resources are easier to understand because they aren’t as long as scholar articles and are less complex so they can be understood by the audience they are written for. They are written by journalist and professional writers. These type articles are usually wrote in an opinionated format and aren’t recommended to use as a source for a reference in an assignment. I will be effective and efficient by the use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.


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