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What Cyber Events Could Really Cause Terror in the Australian Essay

In general terms, cyber events, such as cyber attacks or terrorism is defined as any action intended to damage computer networks, which mainly affects the operation of various infrastructure such as air transport and security logistics. The increasingly high growth rate of cyber crimes has drawn the attention of the public domain and the media. This is because the potential damages, which can be brought by cyber crimes, have far reaching consequences to the government and the whole population of any given country. This paper is written to discuss the cyber events which could cause terror in the Australian population.

The military defense system in Australia is well equipped to defend the nation against any external assault. If the military communication and other defense logistics where to be hacked or attacked through cyber events, this would mean a security threat to the nation’s population. Take for instance a situation where the Australian cyber space is invaded and remotely controlled by enemies, this would invade not only the national security but also breach individuals’ privacy, a factor which would cause public outcry. Still to be noted here is the security threats imposed by cyber terrorism in the business and government information systems.

Cyber events targeted at business institutions such as the banking sector would instill fear to investors. This would not only affect the banking sector but also all businesses, whether small, medium or large businesses. A good example of the government’s information system attack is the recent attack of the prime minister’s website. The website was accessed after the government’s internet filtering legislation was attacked. It followed that the prime ministers website was overloaded by information requests and loaded with pornography. In this context, such cyber events threaten the national security and can amount to terrorism.

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