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What advice would you give Eisner? Essay

Based on the information given by McCrary, public relations can be a disadvantage as well as an advantage depending on how it used. Romenti (2013) state that public relations, “corporate and organizational communication should shift from tactical, short-term objectives to strategic, long-term ones” (para. 2). There was many negative feelings about the theme park and Eisner had not foreseen this coming. Eisner did not seem as though he expected as much bad publicity that was shown for the theme park that was coming to the town to bring more jobs and revenue (Argenti, 2013). Corporate communication can enhance reputation as well as public relation activities (Hazlett, 2012).

The Disney Theme park has had many issues, and Eisner needs to make a decision and decide if going forwards is worth it, or if it is worth giving up the project. Giving up on the Disney project would be costly, however, with all the issues this may be the route to take. While the Disney’s America Theme Park project is a unique opportunity has become costly and continuing with the project may damage the image of Disney. The people of Virginia where the Park is to be build are opposed to the idea for historical reasons.

There are very strong influences in Virginia, and are very much against Disney’s plan, and Eisner would be doing Disney justice by abandoning the project. There is competition as well. Building the theme park in Virginia would be immediate competition with Williamsburg and the Manassas national Battlefield Park. Traffic is an issue; Disney has not received much encouragement in the media, and the best advice for Eisner is to abandon the project and find another more favorable area. Isaiah 43:18 (NIV) says; “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.”

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