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Western World Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

“Hey fatty – lose some weight. ” Do you think this sound like a mother who is superior? According to the Western idea of what good parenting includes this would be intolerable, but if you consider this from an Eastern point of view this wouldn’t be wrong or abnormal. In additional it seems that Chinese parents can get away with things that Western parents can’t which alludes to talk about two different child-rearing methods which only has one thing in common – they do what they think is best for the child. Amy Chua is an ardent supporter of the eastern way of bringing up children and exposes some of her parenthood experiences in her article “Why Chinese Mothers Are…

Literature of the Western World

Fray Luis De Leon’s use of the good shepherd motif in At the Ascension (Wilkie & Hurt, 2001) is a wholly unexpected one.  Hearing the phrase or title ‘the good shepherd’ clearly fills one with expectation that the word good in it means good of action.  In other words, a reader encountering this phrase would assume that the shepherd is good because of the work that he does.  For example, a shepherd who carefully rounds up his sheep would be a good shepherd, while one who loses his sheep would be a bad shepherd. This is in opposition to ‘good’ referring to a quality of character.  In this fashion, good is a description of what a person is, not what…