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Weekly refection Essay

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Business and Management

Mgt 521. Weekly Reflection

In: Business and Management

Mgt 521. Weekly Reflection
Weekly Reflection

Learning Team A

Team A: Weekly Reflection
In this paper, Learning Team A will collaborate on Week One objectives while expressing our level of comfort and discomfort to the following topics: • Identify channels for business communications

• Evaluate credibility and validity of sources of information. • Develop effective arguments

The information addressed within our Weekly Reflection will provide direction for effectively distinguishing between formal and informal business communication channels. In addition, Learning Team A agrees that identifying the proper business communication channel will ensure the appropriate channels are used and messages are transmitted efficiently through the communication process. Lastly, Learning Team A will also address how the weekly topics relate to our field of business.

Team A: Identify channels for business communications In efforts of identifying the various channels for business communication Learning Team A was able to relate to and understand collectively the various forms of communication used within business. We all share the common fact of possessing secure employment; however, the areas of business vary from entrepreneurship, management, and the medical field. Considering our areas of employment differ with regards to the area of business in which we all specialize in, they all come down to the some of the same channels for business communication.

Two primary channels of business included face to face and email communication. Within entrepreneurship, management and the medical field utilizing the benefits of face to face and email communication is most effective. In the area of patient care, customer service and management, conducting one’s self within direct proximity of another individual is extremely common.

Essay Topics:

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