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Website Evaluation Essay

For the evaluation of the two website, I choose 3 main criteria, such as “The content of the website”, which means, what is the objective of the company? What are the organization’s goals by creating this website? Secondly, the “Design” is important, why the company used this colours, or images, or symbols? If the website have dynamic and clear pages, it’s better to draw the attention of the visitors. Finally, if the website are “visible” on social networks for instance, and the navigation has to be “easy” for the target audience that they want to reach.

Concerning the website of Pedicabs, I think it is made to inform people of the alternative way of transportation, and try to convince them to use those tricycles, by explaining “What’s a Pedicabs?” and “What’s Spokes?”. Moreover, they offer to people a service, more eco-friendly, by exposing the problem of the growing need for parking and public transportation. Furthermore, they show us a very dynamic page, like if we were riding a tricycle in the city, with a very colourful website. The brand image is ecological, and we can see the emotions that they want to transmit, like a peaceful city, very quiet, without pollution and transports troubles.

Finally, it is easy to navigate on this website, you can download the map, and there’s always the most important sections following you on the website, so if you want to have the contact of the company, you do not have to search for a long time, and they are visible on social networks. I think, it’s a simple website, there is not a lot of reading, they are going straight to the point, and you can understand rapidly that this company provides a service. However, we do not have some important information, for example, it would be great to have a part dedicated to the prices of the tricycles.

The website Dadaab has been created to inform people, and to support a humanitarian organization. When we visit this website, there is a lot of stories to read, and videos to watch, it’s very animated. The most advantage of this website, the paragraph are very clear, and not long, people enjoys reading the history of this little refugee camp, and because it’s a subject that concerns everyone, make a colourful and animated website it’s the best way to get people’s attention. I don’t think the main objective of the company is focused on a business goal, because there are explaining all their actions, and visitors are not obliged to make a donation. But, by informing people of the situation in the northern Kenya, it can appeal them to support Dadaab, and follow their actions in those camps, and maybe make a donation.

For a humanitarian company, it is very important to have a beautiful design, with a lots a visuals, because they have to impress the visitors, so they can be attracted by the website. Like on the other website, we can see all the windows on the top of the page, with the main subjects following us, when we are visiting the website, and that’s easier for us to find something. In addition, the snippet “about” is a strategic choice, and I think it’s very important to have it, because the visitors always visit it, to have a summary of the company, and have no confusions. Finally, another criteria is the buttons who appears in all the pages, like “Subscribe to Dadaab” or “Donate” and the links for the social networks.

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