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We Should Improve Communication Among Community Members Essay

According to this statement, each person of community members has the right to choose not only communicating with others but also keeping silence. In my view, I would agree that we should improve communication among community members, in two respects. First, it is essential to the community that we members have interactions with each other and secondly, it recommends an effective and potentially benefit means of promoting the development of our community. First, each individual can hardly go further without communication among community members, information interaction is crucial for a community to accomplish a team work.

One finger cannot lift a small stone. This is especially true when it comes to a community. As a matter of fact, ordinary people is the major component of a community, while few is genius, which means a scale of members are specialist concentrated in individual areas. That declares for more communication among community members. Second fundamental problem for less communication is that we might take more efforts to complete a task or solve a problem, moreover fail and lost in the assignment.

For instance, the famous scientist—Albert Einstein, who found the special relativity and led a new century of quantum mechanics, had benefited from communication. During the time that he was miserable about how the atom moves and the accurate measurement of both situation and momentum of an atom, a meeting among all these forward physical scientists stimulates his genius. Exchanging of others’ attitudes arise up his suspicious of Newton’s classical mechanics.

Then he transformed his point to a new hypothesis—which is now called quantum mechanics. We may not ignore the efforts he spent on this theory, however, it is our duty to take a glance of the communication during that seminar. In sum, not only the inherent function of communication is to improve cohesion of the community, which determines the stability of the relationship, but it can be an efficient way to solve problems and promote the development of our community. Accordingly, we should improve communication among community members.

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