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Ways to attract customers Essay

There are reasons why we build a website, it is because we want to attract customers and spread the word to everyone on the internet about our online business. As we know that although it is not a requirement, building a website has its advantages. Having own website gives us an advantage when comparing to other businesses that without a website. The thing is there are times that website is not able to attract customers and it does not do anything when it comes to spreading the word about our online businesses. There are several ways to attract customers, Broadcast website address.

The first way to attract customers and spread the word about our company online business is to broadcast or publicize our website’s address. Broadcasting website to attract customers can be done in a number of ways; we can join forums and leave links to our company website, post on online directories, write articles and submit them to article directories and link back to our website, participate in social media sites, pay for advertisement, etc. Start our own affiliate program.

As we all know affiliate programs are the most used online marketing strategy because this is how we can get people to market and sell our product for a corresponding commission. Our affiliates can attract customers and spread the word about our online business by means of banner ads, text links, letters of referral, and other methods of advertising. Give freebies.

Everyone loves freebies! With everything going on with the economy nowadays getting something for free is like a rainbow on the horizon after a storm. Providing people with freebies for example like free information or free eBook and etc., is a great way to attract customers and spread the word about our online business. When giving out free content to people, make sure it is valuable and it is something special that they cannot find elsewhere. Utilize the power of viral marketing.

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