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Ways of the World Essay

The Reemergence of a Unified China

1. What are some of the causes that allowed Buddhism and Daoism to creep into China? 2. In what way did the Sui Dynasty unify China from 589-618? 3. Discuss the ways in which the Tang and Song Dynasties were regarded as the “Golden Age of Chinese Achievement.” Culturally—


4. In what ways did women’s lives change during the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties?

China and the Northern Nomads: A Chinese World Order in the Making 5. Why did the Chinese interact with their nomadic neighbors to the north?

6. Even though China saw itself as “the center of the world,” why did it allow itself to deal with the “barbarians?”

7. Why did the Chinese government often give other states gifts that were in fact worth more than the tribute those states paid to China?

8. Who were the Xiongnu, the Uighurs, the Khitan, and the Jurchen in relation to the Chinese ? Xiongnu–
Khitan and Jurchen—
9. Did the Chinese convert large numbers of the northern nomads to Chinese cultural ways? Why or Why not?

Coping with China: Comparing Korea, Vietnam, and Japan

10. In what political, economic, and social ways did Korea, Vietnam, and Japan experience and respond to Chinese influence? 11. What’s the significance of the Trung Sisters in Vietnam? 12. In what different ways did Japanese and Korean women experience the pressures of Confucian orthodoxy (practices, beliefs)? 13. Why didn’t the Japanese succeed in creating an effective centralized and bureaucratic state to match that of China? China and the Eurasian World Economy

14. What techniques or technologies did China export to other regions of Eurasia?

China and Buddhism
15. Between 300 and 800 C.E., what helped to facilitate the acceptance of Buddhism in China? 16. What were the major sources of opposition to Buddhism in China?

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