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Banana Peel as Shoe Polish

INTRODUCTION Shoe polish is a product used to shine, polish, and protect leather footwear. Polishing shoes will increase their life span. In present times, everybody always use shoe polishers for their shoes to look presentable and fabulous to walk with attractive thus boosting more confidence to its beholder. But no everyone knows that traditional shoe polish which are available in market made of harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients which has a bad door. Since it uses petroleum as it’s basis it is also flammable which makes it dangerous to human health and may cause some hazards like fires. The banana peel is known for its antifungal and antibiotic properties. The peel is also loaded with a lot of Vitamins, minerals…

Coconut Shell as Polish

Abstract… The study focused in making a specialized shoe polish from burned dried coconut husk. It aimed to prove the affectivity of the product in terms of some parametric measurements based on the preferences made by respondents. The parameters were adapted from written reviews for top commercial products. Also, this was made to test if there are really no significant difference between the output of the study and the existing product in the market. After gathering data through rating scales issued to the respondents of the study, it showed an average of 4,.18. This mean rating was compared to a standard mean obtained by averaging the ratings of predominant commercial products. With the data obtained, the study implied that there…