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Watch Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Patek Philippe: Selling More than a Watch

The simple image of a father and son sleeping acquires a new dimension when coupled with the product’s tagline: You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation. Almost like an afterthought, the product is situated in the periphery. Despite the off-side placement, making the product the only colored component in the ad sets it apart. Taken individually, the 3 components of the ad people, the message, and the image of the product are ordinary. However, when brought together in this unassuming way, there is an ambiance of priceless elegance that already tells the audience that this is an exclusive brand. With this type of subtle advertisement, the company automatically associates itself with…

Presentation – Promotion Gifts

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jackie Lee. I’m the Project Officer at a large corporation with diversified businesses. The purpose of my presentation is introduction our promotion gifts, I’d like to talk about silicon watch. First, I’ll start by giving you some background information and then talk about the silicon watch how to attract new customer. Next, I’ll demonstrate the benefit and advantage of the silicon watch. Finally, we will talk a look at the target customer. This presentation will provide Q&A section of the end. Before I started, allow me please to ask you a few question. How many people think Silicon watch enable your high-tech lifestyle and best your needs? If you want these things,…