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Was John Proctor a Hero or a Fool for Giving Up His Life? Essay

John Proctor: A Hero or a Fool?In Arthur Miller’s famous allegorical play The Crucible ,the main characterJohn Proctor, a young defiant yet respected farmer, shows heroic characteristicsthrough intricate situations of theocratic injustice. Set in hysteria and chaos,the witch trials of Salem village as the trials unfold Proctor finds himself in adifficult situation in which his decision and actions decide not only his fate but thefate of many innocent people like himself. In the community, people looked upon John Proctor as John Proctor: A Hero Or A Fool?

John Proctor : a Hero or a Fool? In Arthur Miller’s famous allegorical play The Crucible ,the main character John Proctor, a young defiant yet … a very respectedmember of society. His image opitimized the good, decent man of Salemvillage. When the hysteria of witchcraft had drawn its claws closer and closer toProctor, John was determined to take a stand and fight the injustice. His effotsalone drew the inspiration of his fellow neighbors, whether it was the signing ofthe petition or sacrificing his life for the sake of the innocent who had beenaccused. His moral courage and perserverance gave way to Do You Consider John Proctor E

“I have given you my soul ;leave me my name!” Do you consider John Procter to be heroic? John Proctor was a farmer in Salem, Massachusetts in America and, because … others like GilesCorey to speak out against the court and stand for what they believe is true. Being a devoted father and husband to Elizabeth, for the most part, everyaction he took, in the back of his mind was his family. Although he had made amistake before with Abigail, he had vowed to himself that he would go to anyextreme measure to compensate for the past. On the day of his own hanging, in his mind he Mccarthyism In The Crucible

McCarthyism in The Crucible In The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, the madness of the Salem witch trials is explored in great detail. There is more to the play than … not only did for his own reasoons but he left behind a dignified andrespected memory of himself and the family name. In there eyes John Proctor is alegend in a sense that he sacrificed his own life for the sake of others but mostlyhis family. For a person as highly thought of as
John Proctor, his one significant

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