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Warner Bros. Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner Inc. is one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world it is only behind Walt Disney and News Corporation. The main areas of activity are film making, publishing and TV broadcasting. Time Warner combines subsidiaries like Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Turner Broadcasting, through the last the company runs on air popular channels CNN, TBC and TNT. Also paid channels HBO and Cinemax are ran by Time Warner. The company affects almost all areas of media business thereby covering a large part of the media market. All sort of media productions are being produced to satisfy customers of any age category, gender and interest, which lead to the expansion of the range in concernment of company’s products….

The Impact of Universal Studios

Universal Pictures, or Universal Studios, has been around for a little over a century and it is currently regarded amongst the top six movie studios in America. It grosses billions of dollars in revenue annually and produces major hits and movie stars. Universal is also owned by a giant media conglomerate known as NBC Universal, which is quite different from its humble beginnings. This paper will provide a brief insight into the relationship between Universal Pictures and its impact on the movie industry along with how Universal became a big name in Hollywood. The man who started it all was Carl Laemmle. Born in Württemberg Germany, Laemmle was the tenth of thirteen children, eight of which died of a cruel…

IMAX’s business level strategy

1. Discuss IMAX’s business level strategy to date and proposed changes. (10 points) Products differentiation The large format movie system gives customers unique visual and audio movie watching experience that cannot be found in conventional movie theaters. IMAX is also differentiated by its library of films and locations. IMAX located itself in institutional environment and commercial multiplexes to target wider audiences include family, students, and tourists at different time during the day by screening its own movies and other studios’ movies. Speaking of the technologies, IMAX films printed on larger films, which require special designed camera, projector, and screen to display the IMAX features. Cost leadership. The company heavily invests financial and human resources in their R&D, because the technologies…