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Wall Street Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Random Walk down Wall Street

The articles on “The Firm Foundation Theory” and “Castles in the air Theory” in the book “A Random Walk down Wall Street” by Burton Malkiel discuss two very components of investments and financial theory (Malkiel, 2000) In the article, “the Firm Foundation Theory” the author says that any “investment instrument” can be said to have “intrinsic value” which is calculated by taking a historical perspective, that is taking into account past performance and the present situation and analyzing these to project future position. An example of the firm foundation theory can be best seen through the analysis of stock prices. The main idea is that the value of a stock should be based on the constant flow of earnings that…

Wall Street Movie

“They love that quality of take no prisoners … if I have one more person, it’s so depressing and sad, they come up to me and say, you know, you’re the reason that I got into Wall Street … that’s a, that’s a sad commentary.” —Michael Douglas There is a fabulous irony to “Wall Street” that perhaps can’t be adequately explained. The movie is an unequivocal denunciation of Wall Street excess but remains the preeminent film of those aspiring to it. They love anything Gekko, and a lot of the other scenes too. Michael Douglas was a savvy Hollywood producer but apparently wasn’t much of a Wall Street aficionado before the film was shot. He understands that his character is…