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Voices Essay Topics & Paper Examples

On Finding Nightingales in Human Voices

Anne Finch’s “To the Nightingale” is an ode to a Muse, which is represented by the nightingale. The poem is written in a series of rhyming couplets that provides it a singsong rhythm throughout, which is appropriate for its subject. When emphasizing the merits of being a nightingale, the speaker articulates the difficulties of being a human poet, subject to judgment by his critics. In “To the Nightingale”, though the narrator recognizes the significance of the nightingale and even bestows upon it affirmative adjectives such as “sweet” and lofty titles like “harbinger of spring” (line 1), he knows the limitations of the bird as a poet. The first four lines indicate the admiration of the speaker for the nightingale. “This…