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Voice Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Bolivia’s Indigenous Political Voice

The full empowerment of the political voice of the indigenous people of Bolivia is symbolized by the election of Evo Morales, the country’s first Indigenous President. How did an Aymaran Indian coca farmer, the most marginalized, discriminated, and impoverished people in Latin America; finally won control of the political power to change the lives of all the peoples of Bolivia? How did the Indigenous people overpower the 500 year old political, economic and social institutions that exploited and degraded their country? The significance of this victory has implications not only for the Indigenous people and citizens of Bolivia but also to the other indigenous people around the world, other Latin American and developing countries, black African Americans and even to…

Distinctive Voices – A.B. Paterson Poetry

A number of distinctive voices are used in ‘Clancy of the Overflow’ by A.B. Paterson to paint an evocative picture of Australian society and to juxtapose images of the Australian bush against images of life in the city. The purpose of this poem is to highlight the unique characters of the Australian bush and to allow the reader to romanticise with the Australian bush. The pervading tone of the poem expressed by the clerk narrator is envy of the pleasures he imagines Clancy to experience living and working in the bush and derision of aspects of the city. The distinctive voices in the poem include the clerk narrator, the laconic character of Clancy, the ‘shearing mate’, the bush and finally…