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Visual Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Visual stimuli

When presenting information to an audience, the presenter can choose to just do it orally without any visual aids. If he can speak very well and keep the audience awake for sometime, then, his delivery will not be wasted. Another way of presenting is by giving handouts to the audience so that they can follow what you are explaining. However, this will make some of the listeners forget about the speaker because they would assume that there’s no need to listen since everything is in the handout. There is also another way of presenting wherein visuals will be included. Based on Pavlov’s “orienting response” concept, humans can’t help but look at changes in visual stimuli (DeGaetano). Applying this to a…

The modern-day visual age

One of the major influences of the modern-day visual age today was Eadweard J. Muybridge. He was truly a revolutionary thinker during his time and gave ideas that was fantastic and at the same time ingenious. A photographer with supreme skills, Helios, as his pseudonym, was an acclaimed landscape photographer showing the extravagance of the West. He singlehandedly created photographic icons of his era, a movement captured in time. Muybridge’s method of taking these moving photos involved chemical formulas for the processing of the photos and an electrical trigger that was designed by Muybridge himself. During his time, basic sequential photography was at the boundaries of technology and photography. Hence, Muybridge became a photographer and a motion picture inventor as…