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Visit to the Natural Museum of History Essay

I enjoyed my visit to the American Natural Museum of History, I had been there once before but, I didn’t explore the south American cultures on the second floor as I did on my visit this past Saturday, it was amazing to see the displays of all the different cultures, specially because they are so vivid, I learned a lot on this trip about the different cultures, one of the displays that caught my eye was the Sipan Tomb excavation.

I was always under the impression that the only people that had burials similar to this one were Egyptians; Dr. Alva uncovered the most significant archaeological discovery in the western hemisphere. Compared by many to that of the, Egyptian pharaoh King Tutankhamen. Sipans treasure shows the Moches cultural ability to work with different types of metal and stone in the crafting of masks, jewelry and ornamental weapons.

I also enjoyed the Andean music playing in the Andean section on the second floor it was amazing to see the instruments essential to political and religious ceremonies music was performed for entertainment and recreation as well.

Stirrups ceramic bottles in for of men playing musical instruments. Moche and Salinar styles. Peru the skeletal figure playing the panpipe suggests the link between music death and fertility in ancient beliefs. The samples of music playing of the instruments they had on display was calm and relaxing.

I also researched the Inca culture since you came back from your Peru trip raving about it to the class. I found it interesting to learn about their culture. I learned that practically for everyone who was married among the Incas and in the upper classes polygamy was a revered state, granted only to those in high favor with the Inca. Concubines were given to men in reward for bravery. The first woman a man married was considered the “wife-in-chief” and retained this position until she died. She was the only wife that received an official ceremony and could never be neglected nor abandoned and all secondary wives were subservient to her. If she died, the man could take a new chief-wife, but not from among his secondary wives.

The Incas revered the Sun as the sole universal God who creates and sustains everything through his light and power. The Incas crafted some of their finest objects for use as furnishings or adornments for temples. Others became offerings that were made in temples in important cities and religious centers, and natural shrines, such as hill lakes.

These offerings often included foods and drink and also sacrifices of animals such as llamas. As in several cultures the rare sacrifice of human life was probably the ultimate offering. Many objects made for religious use were fashioned of cloth precious metals and shell materials which had long carried symbolic significance for Andean people. Stone wood and pottery were also commonly used.


Their substinence focused on cultivating plants and breeding animals domesticated millennia earlier. Practices and major technology related to food supply-irrigation, terracing and storage- were also inherited.

Overall it was a fun learning experience to go to the museum and learn about other cultures from my Latin America, I also took my younger brother with me who was born in this country and really had no clue how amazing the Latin culture is, he was constantly asking questions and admiring the beautiful exhibitions. By the way in the museum they had Inca spelled INKA I know that is wrong, that is why I wrote Inca on my paper.

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