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Places: Mother and Country

The one country I would most like to visit would have to be New Zealand. Mnay reasons, the number one being it looks like an absolutely gorgeous country, especially having seen Lord of the Rings and that is one of my favorite movies. Another reason is, I’ve never been south of the equator and I’d really like to see if the water flushes in reverse, but on the, by and large New Zealand looks like the most amazing country and I’ve met a lot of nice people from there. Akane, Canada One country that I would like to visit is France. I’ve never been to France before but I’ve heard many things about it because my father and my mother…

Reflections following a Synagogue Visit

This paper describes research conducted before visiting a Reform synagogue, the visit itself and research prompted by the visit. Background research on the origins of the Reform movement in Judaism was undertaken before visiting a synagogue. This included identifying historical differences between Reform and Orthodox Judaism. Worship and the role of the synagogue were of particular interest. A Jewish friend suggested attending a Reform service, because it would use more English, so would be easier to understand. Preliminary research focused on how Reform broke away from Orthodox Judaism and how this impacted synagogue ritual. What was not expected before visiting the synagogue (actually called a Temple) was how devoted the congregation would be to the State of Israel. Reading had…