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Virtual Childhood reflection Essay

Debbie has grown so much in the last few months. She has achieved some milestones that are predominantly seen amongst infants within this age brackets. Breast milk is still her main source of food up on till the time she clocked six months of age when solids were introduced. She sucks at everything that touches her lips; this is due to the sucking reflex that is inborn. My virtual child ate fairly well; she would once in a while vomit the food if she didn’t burp. Her motor development is consistently being tweaked as she’s able to coordinate her pass objects from one hand to another. She occasionally paddles and kicks in sort of a swimming motion. Sleep is somewhat troubling because she wakes up at night to feed and she fusses occasionally for no reasons.

Debbie is currently at six months and she’s able to fully identify key persons in her life. This is because of the interactive activities she has been exposed to, such as reading. Her cognitive abilities have developed with exposure to her surroundings especially during evening strolls. Debbie warms up to people after a period of time. This is because she knows the key people in her life while she takes a couple of minutes to warm up to strangers. Eventually she warms up to them. At 3months she was starting to recognize key persons in her life. By the 8month mark, she was able to fully recognize her parents. An emotional attachment had developed. She would cry passionately and we respond to her needs. According to Ainsworth the continuity of this attachment would only build a child a child who would tend to be insecure in the future.

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