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Virgil Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Dante’s Inferno

On the evening of Good Friday in the year 1300, Dante is travelling through a forest, when he gets lost. In the morning, he finds a mountain and tries to climb it, but is stopped by a lion, a wolf, and a leopard. The spirit of the poet Virgil appears and offers to take him to the top of the mountain to Heaven when his love, Beatrice, is, but the way first leads through Hell. Virgil and Dante enter through the gates of Hell and see a crowd of people along the banks of the river. Virgil tells Dante these are the souls who neither sinned nor worshipped God, and are therefore rejected by both Heaven and Hell. Charon takes…

John Dryden Translator of Virgil

John Dryden translated Virgil in the late 1690’s when more than fifty Englishmen before him had tried to translate at least some Virgil and many translated after his death in the seventeenth century as John Denham and Edmund Waller. What makes Dryden’s translation the most successful version, the most read and accepted between its competitors? How did Dryden translate his Virgil and why? And what kind of response did his translation receive at the time? “Without invention a painter is but a copier, and a poet but a plagiary of others. Both are allowed sometimes to copy and translate…” Dryden stated that he used paraphrase and literal translation when translating Virgil, which allowed him the liberty of modernizing it. Dryden…