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Violence Show on TV Essay

A lot of people believe the amount of violence shown on TV and in the cinema affects the actions of our young people and therefore increases the amount of violence in our society today. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

What can be done to reduce violence in our society today?

A matter of considerable controversy at present is the issue of whether young people’s actions are influenced by the amount of violence which appears on TV and in the cinema or not. From my own prospective, I believe that violence in our today society has increased due to TVs and cinema.

It cannot be argued that young people immitate what they see on TVs. Eversince every home has at least one LCD, plasma or a normal TV, youngsters’ behaviour has radically changed: they find themselves in what they see on screen, they have models and follow them. Even if it is not a scientific proven fact, it is obvious that aggressive scenes and plots which appear in movies and talkshows encourage them to adopt a violent behaviour. Doing what they see on TV retains an image of satisfaction among young people, making aggression an habit for those still in the process of moulding themselves into what they want to be.

One way to combat the problem of violence in our society today would be for the government to censor the movies and TV shows. Even if they are not allowed to watch horror and thriller movies, teenagers under 18 still get the change to do it. By introducing censorship and cutting the violence scenes, I believe young people would not be encouraged to behave violently and disruptively. It would, therefore, be impossible for them to follow this example of being aggressive.

To sum up, from what has been written above, I can safely draw the conclusion that the amount of violence seen on TV and in cinema increases the fights, clashes and disruptive behaviour in our society. However, this issue can be tackled by inforcing laws in order to censor every scene which can have a bad impact on people’s behaviour.

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