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Victimology Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Jade Peony

A victim could be described as a person cheated, injured, or even fooled by circumstances. Yet it seems that the idea of victimization has become a symbol of Canada for Canadian authors. Margaret Atwood explains in, “The Victim Theory,” that in most instances of literature, the central theme is “bare survival in the face of ‘hostile’ elements”(Atwood, “The Victim Theory” 77) Hence, for the French Canadians after the English took over, “it became cultural survival, hanging on as people, retaining a religion and a language under an alien government”(Atwood 77). Unlike the style of the Americans or the English, who hold out excitement and security, the Canadian literature can be seen on the opposite side of the spectrum with its…

Restorative Justice

Introduction: The two thing that most victims of a crime have in common is that they want to know who committed the crime and why. In addition many victims may desire to meet and confront the offender to get some closure or justice. In some cases this is made possible via restorative justice process. This process is all about bringing the victim and the offender together. Restorative justice process: Restorative justice process is a process where the victim of a crime and the criminal are brought together to share their thoughts and feeling. The purpose of this is to help each side understand the pain that was caused by the crime. The three main processes most often identified with restorative…