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Victim Typology Essay

It is a lot of crime and violence in schools today. Having crime and violence in schools fear students and it can disrupt their willingness to learn. As you read on, you will learn more about what we can discover from students about crime and violence in their schools and their fear of violence in the schools. Also I will discuss the value of security measures in controlling school violence and is it too much.

Studies of school violence have variously used such terms as teen aggression, conflict, delinquency, conduct disorders, criminal behavior, and anti-social behavior to describe the sources of the problem. In simple terms, drugs, hormonal imbalances, conflicts with peers or parents, and rejection of authority can fuel anger. If the anger is not displaced at home, on the streets, or in some legitimate activities, then the schools are targeted. What can we discover from asking students about crime in schools and their fear of violence? According to a study by Sheley, McGee, and Wright (1995) asking students about crime in schools and their fear of violence, we can discover that:

•Students older than seventeen were less likely to be victims of crimes at school;

•Students living in families that had moved three or more times in the preceding 5 years were twice as likely to have experienced a criminal victimization;

•Students in families with annual incomes of fifty thousand or more were more likely to be victimized, as opposed those students whose families with annual incomes of less than ten thousand;

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