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Verbal discrimination Essay

The research work I been involved in has provide opportunities for me to work with various organizations, local councils, the national Health Service and various Primary Care Trusts. My networking skills have thus been honed. Through volunteering and research of have been exposed to situations where people have experienced much oppression and disadvantages in their lives either because of disability, rate or a combination of these factors.

Presently I am volunteer in a Healthcare that has a rehabilitation unit that was set up as a pilot project. The center is not only open to addicts but also to the public to find information on substance use and abuse as a result we have been able to servitise more people on this issue and reduce in advance of substance related disorder.

At the center I have counseling and guidance roles as well a responsibility to manage all documents off the center in terms of word processing and new edding quality documents that are available for client and staff. I acquired this skill while working part-time at the bank, where computers use the main tool of opsation. Also another feature important to rethink is the issue of verbal discrimination, working at the health center has helped me to promote racial equality since I am personally a foot soldier for racial requality.

Research work has also exposed me to legal and technical language that requires translation to a lay person and other stakeholders who do not have the technical know-how but require specialized advice like schools and local communities. Organizing the health fair required lobbying for increased recognition and promotional increase that would have had positive impact on the health community. References 1. Agcas occupational profile, Health Promotion specialist 2. Rethink – who we are retrieved from www. rethink. com

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