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Verbal Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Verbal and nonverbal communication

The whole process of communication is imperative in the lives of human being because it entails enclosing information in a package imparted by the sender to a receiver through a channel (Ritchie, 2001). Normally; the receiver decodes the meaning which enables them to respond with the feedback to the sender. Communication requires that the involved parties (the sender and the receiver) have some common communication characteristics that would overall facilitate the underlying primary purpose of communication (Argyle, 2005). The process of communication comes in different types: written, verbal and non verbal communication. Whichever way, the fundamental characteristics that prevail underscore the purpose of conveying the message(Gahagan, 2004). Verbal and nonverbal communication form the basis of this paper and include speaking…

Benefits of Non Verbal Communication

Non verbal communication is defined as certain ways that a person communicates his thoughts and meanings without actually saying anything. These are the subtle clues that can help an investigating officer uncover a truth while questioning a suspect or witness or can lead him to more questions that will aid the investigating team. Programs such as CSI have shown us how police officers and crime scene investigators utilize contradicting, complementing, substituting, accenting, or regulating verbal messages. An investigating officer will benefit immensely from being familiar with these methods because of the way a crime scene is most often chaotic and witnesses who are being questioned are dealing with fear of being implicated in the case or perhaps, trying to cover…