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Vegetarian is the New Prius Essay

The article, “Vegetarian is the New Prius”, written by Kathy Freston, discusses the amount of contribution that livestock actively plays in the most crucial and serious environmental problem, from a local scale to global scale. Freston writes that the amount of livestock raised in United States soil is the main cause of air pollution, land degradation, water shortage, water pollution, biodiversity, and especially aids to global warming. This article attempts to convince readers to cut meat out of their diet and to become vegetarians, so that less livestock would be raised to feed the people and environmental issues would be cut down.

Although it is true that Freston provides the audience with solid, legitimate factual arguments concerning the brutal slaughtering and consumption of livestock by humans, she fails to address the opposing argument. Although I am a personal fan of vegetarian foods, I disagree with Freston, primarily because my family has raised me on chicken and other meats. I believe that there will be livestock whether a lot of people change their diets and become vegetarians or not.

At the University of Chicago, researches concluded that feeding animals for the production of meat, eggs, and dairy products requires growing upwards of ten times as many crops needed than if we just went without livestock. According to a report done by the United Nations animal agriculture takes up 70% of all agricultural land, and 30% of the total land surface of the planet. Upon seeing these disturbing facts, I do not believe that society will never 100% convert to a vegetarian lifestyle. Even if they do, there will still be millions of wild animals producing all of the same gases that are so harmful to our environment.

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