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Mv Doña Paz

Vessel The Doña Paz was built in 1963 by Onomichi Zosen of Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan, and was originally named Himeyuri Maru.[3] During the time it plied Japanese waters, it had a passenger capacity of 608 people.[4] In 1975, it was sold to Sulpicio Lines, a Filipino operator of a fleet of passenger ferries. It was renamed by Sulpicio Lines as the Don Sulpicio, and later, the Doña Paz.[4] One month before the accident, the vessel had undergone drydocking.[5] At the time of its sinking, the Doña Paz was sailing the route ofManila → Tacloban → Catbalogan → Manila and vice-versa, making trips twice a week.[6] ————————————————- Collision On December 20, 1987, at 0630H, Philippine Standard Time, the Doña Paz left…