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Values of focus Essay

I learnt the core values of focus, perseverance and patience at a very early stage of my life. My father being a government servant (Indian Revenue Service) is my biggest inspiration. Having done most of my schooling in Mumbai, I was surrounded by a lot of family friends who were entrepreneurs and owned various business enterprises. Seeing the challenges faced by them and knowing first-hand accounts of their experiences I dreamt of owning a venture myself. I took up engineering due to my interest in technology especially in the power generation sector. In college I realised that it is not just the knowledge of subject which matters but there are also some other social and managerial skills required to survive in a market where there is such fierce competition. I learnt the art of prioritisation and also multi-tasking.

It was our 8th semester that we decided to take it to the next level. Our project’s main aim was to increase the efficiency of a solar power plant (some Turquoise sunlabs details) . After working for a period of 17-18 months we hit a roadblock i.e. lack of capital. I then realised that it was very important for me to get a job in the corporate sector in order to understand the workings of a corporations. I then worked in Dubai for a period of 12 months as Sales Engineer in a system integration company. I have always found Marketing to be a tempting option as it brings out the best of a person. In order to rise high in the corporate sector an MBA is a must.

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