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Values Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Reconciliation Of Personal, Cultural, Organizational And Ethical Values

The values and ethics people carry in their personal and professional life are important determinants of their growth and development. The eventual success of a person is realized through self understanding and actualization and not through relentless manipulation of material resources. Successful reconciliation of personal, organizational, and cultural values and ethics require a number of strategies, some of which are discussed below Communication: Communication is requires towards establishment of rapport with each diverse group. People within a large organization differ not only from their cultural, religious, and social orientations, but also from their professional orientation and interests. These differences widen when many different functional units of an organization, with their philosophies and approach towards work, are required to undergo technology…

Organizational Culture and Personal Values

Job satisfaction and job performance are interrelated topics, which are derived from individual personal values, (Iaffaldano & Muchinsky, 1985). Organizations can use specific processes to shape employee values, which will reflect the desired work culture of the organization. The development of values will shape the culture of an organization and increase job satisfaction and job performance. Personal values deal with the end states of our existence or the ultimate goals that people wish to achieve in their lives, (Duvasula, Lyonski &Madhavi, 2011). These values act as guidelines in an employee’s job performance, job satisfaction and decision making processes. The development of personal values is rooted in experience. As employees navigate their careers their own personal values evolve as a result…

Calveta Dining Services

Calveta Dining Services, Inc.: Case Analysis Abstract Calveta Dining Services, Inc. was a $2 billion, privately held firm that managed food service operations for nearly 1,000 senior living facilities (SLFs) in the United States. It was built on Antonio Calveta’s passion for food and traditional family values. It made better food that was more nutritious for the residents of the SLFs whose current food budgets did not exceed. It also provided with not only higher-quality food but also more personalized service. Presently, Calveta Dining Services ran food services for 976 SLFs and employed 15,000 people. When Antonio retired from his 35 years of leadership, he named his eldest son, Frank, as the new CEO and was asked to double the…