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Using Technology in Education Setting Essay

The fast paced of technological advancement encourages everyone to use different kinds of technology whenever necessary. As such, this also calls for educational institutions and educators to implement curriculum, instruction and assessment with the use of technology. More than the use of these technologies to technology-related courses that generally require the use of which, it is has become a trend now to integrate the use and learning of technology in many disciplines.

Admittedly, using technology in educational setting enhances the implementation of curriculum and instruction. In a research paper presented by James Pellegrino (2006), he stated that there are many ways in which “technology assist in the design and delivery of effective learning environments (p. 3). ” He stated in his research that for the past decades there have been many measures and theories that were formulated for educational functions, however many of which were not properly implemented or used because they were not easily understood or packaged in accessible ways.

With this shortcoming in implementing these methods, he stated that using technology can help address the issue. He stated an example how this could be so: “By building statistical models into technology-based learning environments for use in classrooms, teachers can assign more complex tasks, capture and replay students’ performances, share exemplars of competent performance, and in the process gain critical information about students’ competence.

Without question, computer and communications technologies are making it possible to create powerful learning environments and simultaneously assess what students are learning at very fine levels of detail, with vivid simulations of real-world situations and in ways that are tightly integrated with instruction (p. 11). Given Pelligrino’s assessment, it is really necessary to use technology in the current trend of educational instruction and implementation of curriculum. Technology as an Aid to Instruction

During classes, technological advancement has proven their worth as aids in a more effective instruction to students. Technologies like audio-visual presentations primarily help students to remember and retain their lessons in mind. Technology, undoubtedly, reaches out to different kinds of students with consideration to multiple intelligences. Visual students are more likely to learn when they see visual aids while others can learn more efficiently when they hear their lessons.

Technologies also aids in the educator’s creativity in the presentation of their lessons. Gadgets like multimedia projectors, televisions and radio can help educators give their students a glimpse of the reality of what they are telling to the students. When before, students have to imagine the details of their lessons; now, they can see examples of which. In the field scientific research, most especially, technologies have continuously aided researchers in their search for more complex being or the simplest things in the realm of living and non-living things.

Therefore, technology can be more related to educational setting when it is use to promote the more effective and efficient learning of students to curriculum and instruction. More than ever, the assessment of curriculum will be easier with the use of technology. Reference Pellegrino, J. W. (2006). Rethinking and Redesigning Curriculum, Instruction and Curriculum: What Contemporary Research and Theory Suggests. National Center on Education and Economy

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