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Uses of Nursing Theory Essay

I was fascinated by the quote above for in general, we can never go wrong in a practice that is based on a tested knowledge and guided by theory. Recorded history of Greece first developed its special uses; from Pythagoras to Aristotle, up to present, uses of theory still remains important. Nursing science, like any other field, is a melting pot of care and healing that has been moulded and preserved since the dawn of time. (Octaviano and Balita, 2008) Theory strives to explain the science and art of nursing.

Nursing is as varied as the people who practice it, and is dynamic and diverse as kaleidoscope of ethnic, cultural and religious manifestations of people who receive nursing care. It is important that nursing is grounded on accepted scientific truths and principles in order to give safe and quality nursing care. (Octaviano and Balita, 2008) Implied as highly dynamic and undergoes change, as further research and studies are done and as they are enriched by practice, theory can change overtime. However, there are also theories that remain valid despites the passage of time.

It is very important that theory guides and improves nursing practice, research and nursing education. Decision making, independent, dependent and interdependent functions, leadership, as well as further education for specializations are only few of vast spectrum nursing concepts that make up nursing theory. Considering my little experience, I would like to illustrate the use of Patricia Benner’s Theory of Skill Acquisition in Nursing. (I considered my current experience/skill as Advance Beginner. ) (Novice) When I was a student nurse on my senior year, I was assigned to take care and monitor newborn undergoing phototherapy.

I was instructed by our clinical instructor to monitor the time and frequency the newborn is exposed to photolight, covered baby’s eyes and genitals, assess patient’s hydration by weighing diapers, monitor vital signs, check IV insertions and perform other activities with close supervision from clinical instructor. (Advance Beginner) After graduated, I took the licensure exam and became a registered nurse. I volunteered in a community hospital and Basic Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Care (BEMONC) and was hired by DOH-CHD as RN Heals nurse trainee.

Months from now, I will be a DR Nurse in a provincial hospital, will be working hard and will aspire to be promoted (LOL) . I will attend seminars and trainings to enhance my skills and knowledge. (Proficient) I will be competent in the clinical area and academe because (two to three years from now), I already finished master’s degree in nursing. (Expert) Seven to eight years from now, I have finished my doctoral degree and will be a chief nurse and a part time professor in a university. (LOL) Theory encourages us to be inquisitive to investigate and explore what more should we know.

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