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Useful strategy for a college Essay

The Summary/Response essay is a useful strategy for a college essay. Keep the following points in mind as you compose:

$ The introduction will be a brief summary of one of the assigned essays or a chapter of the video and its main points.

$ The introduction should end with your thesis statement indicating your reaction to the selection (agree/disagree) and the main point you will attempt to prove in your essay regarding this topic.

$ Each body paragraph will present one aspect of your argument, and the topic sentence of each paragraph will inform the reader what that specific paragraph will discuss.

$ Each body paragraph will include supporting details in the form of explanations, facts, examples (both personal and observed), and/or statistics. If you obtained any information from another source, be sure to state the source of the information and if needed, use quotation marks.

$ Each paragraph should stick to its topic and not break unity or coherence by discussing ideas that belong in other paragraphs. All paragraphs will serve to prove your thesis. $ Add needed transition words such as those found on page 9 on your text. A few terms that signal you are adding more examples for explanation purposes are for instance, in addition, and furthermore. Some terms that prepare the reader for a contrast or change in viewpoints are however, although, and but. Some terms that show a result of idea and lead to a summary are therefore, consequently, a a result, and in conclusion.

Essay Topics:

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