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Use occupational and safety guidelines when using keyboards Essay

1.1State occupational health and safety guidelines in relation to using keyboards.

Using the keyboard properly is vital for your health. To use keyboard properly you need to tilt the keyboard using the small feet at the back so you can type with your wrists straight and your hand have to be in line with you arms, rest you wrists on the desk when you are not typing or if you are continuously typing consider getting a wrist support or ergonomic keyboard.

1.2Explain the purpose of following occupational health and safety guidelines for using keyboards.

Purpose of these guidelines is to prevent poor working habits and to prevent people from:

•Physical discomfort
•Injury to nerves and muscles.

1.3Describe how to position fingers, wrists, forearms and back in relation to the equipment being used.

Before you start your work you should:

•Adjust the positions of the screen, keyboard, mouse and documents you’re working from to achieve the most comfortable arrangement, make sure that you have space to use your mouse easily and rest your wrists in front of the keyboard when not typing. •Adjust the position of your chair to give you comfortable viewing distance and posture. •The screen should probably be somewhere between eighteen and thirty inches away from you. •Keep your upper body as relaxed as possible and don’t over stretch your wrists and fingers. •Your forearms should be roughly horizontal and your elbows level with the keyboard or the mouse. •If your feet don’t reach the floor when you’re sitting in a good position try foot rest.

1.4Describe procedures for workstation care and maintenance.

You have to make sure that your workstation is tidy, try avoiding using any drinks or food around the computer. You have to make sure that the all the equipment that you use are maintained for example printers make sure that that its always got ink and enough paper make sure that the paper is in correctly to prevent paper jams.

Computers, always, make sure that the computer is not clogged up with stuff that you don’t need to save memory and prevent it from going slow.

If all these things are maintained and looked after properly it will last longer.

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