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Update Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Film Analysis Update

I have selected the film “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” because I became extremely fascinated on why of all the monarchs who have ruled England, she is the monarch that has been included in various forms of literature as well as having an era in England’s history named after her. After selecting the film for this paper, I first watched the entire movie without pausing and just noting down scenes that I considered as the most important. After that I watched the film again carefully so much so that I would pause the film once in a while in order to note down important parts of the film. My next step was to go to the Library and began to study…

The AG Corps Force Development Update

The US Army will undergo massive transformation in terms of modular structure of the war battalion units and the brigade; the Army transformation involves radical augmentation from its Cold War Division (15,000 soldiers) to the Brigade Combat Teams (< 4,000) soldiers and modular multifunctional Support Brigades and sectioning of the fixed headquarters to head Corps/Division and supporting Theater. Such changes will ensure continuity and adherence to the tenets of versatility, flexibility and scalability across the Army as adaptive tactics to the changes in military strategic environment correlated to the current Global War on terrorism, insurgencies in Iraq and adjustment on human resource department (Gallasie, 2008). The introduction of a new tactical transformation in the HR division—a sophisticated and advance Brigade…