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University of Phoenix Material Essay

My personal plan is to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Hospital Administration. I have chosen the University of Phoenix as the school to attend to obtain my degree. During these first few weeks I have used several different tools to help me understand my career interests, competencies, and my career ethics. These tools have helped reiterate what I already knew about myself but have also made me reconsider some of my education / career goals.

Content and Development (70 points)
Points Earned: X/70
Career Interests Profiler results
My Career Plan Building Activity: Competencies results
Your SMART goals, including those identified on the University of Phoenix Material: Goal Setting

Sample Outline in the CWE
MyFoundationsLab: The Writing Process
MyFoundationsLab: Prewriting
MyFoundationsLab: Developing and Organizing a Paragraph MyFoundationsLab: The Topic Sentence MyFoundationsLab: Recognizing a Paragraph

Reflect on your results from the Career Interest Profiler activity and Career Plan Building Activity: Competencies.

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Outline and Introductory Paragraph Worksheet. In your outline and introduction, consider the following:

Your personal educational and career goals.
How should your career interests and competencies help guide you in your personal academic journey? How might you use your personal ethics, your My Career Plan competencies and reasoning aptitude results to guide your academic journey as you work through your program?

Mechanics (30 point)
Points Earned: X/30
Appropriate tone is used.

Sentences are complete and clear.

Spelling is correct.

Total (100 points)
Points Earned: X/5
Overall Comments:

Essay Topics:

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