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University and Library Tab Resources Essay

Student resource Where found Summary of the resource Syllabus Main forum materials Possible credits, courses,subjects and schedule to take them. Class Policies Classroom, materials tab Policies and procedures University Library Classroom, library tab Resources and resources for school University Academic Catalog Program tab, right of my program Information on your degree program and requirements University Learning Goals Classroom tab then Materials tab, goal setting labs Information and help with setting goals for class.

Life Resource Center Program tab, services then the life resources center Support for life, work and class Phoenix Career Services Library, University Library, to the top and far right or from page 5th ;ink down on your left. support for information on careers that match your degree Student Workshops Programs tab, Services first one or home page 3rd link on your left Student Workshops provide help with your classes PhoenixConnect Phoenix connect tab Connect with other faculty professors and students.

Technical Support phone number (877) 832-4867 For technical issues online Part B: Follow-Up Question Based on the resources in the table, what are the attendance, posting, and participation requirements for the university? Online In order to be in attendance during a week, a student must post at least one message to any of the course forums on two separate days during the online week. Deadlines for attendance are based on Mountain Standard Time (MST). Attendance is tracked automati-cally in all online courses.

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