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Unit 5 Assignment1: Securing Windows Media Services Essay

Special notes: Multicast streams are broadcast on IPs specified by the Windows Media Administrator within the following range: to The UDP port used for multicast streams is specified by the Windows Media Administrator and falls within the following range: 1 – 65000. Stream type: UDP unicast stream Protocols used: UDP and TCP Ports used: TCP-1755 and a UDP port within the following range: 1024 – 5000 Special notes: When using UDP streams, the client first makes a connection to the Windows Media server using TCP port 1755. After this connection is established, the client and the server choose the UDP port that will be used by the server to stream the Windows Media content down to the client.

2.By using Windows Media Services Administrator for the Web, you can access the local Windows Media server (the server on which the Windows Media Administration Web site is located) and other Windows Media servers on your network. To enable this level of control, configuration and authentication data is sent over the network between the remote computer and the local Windows Media server computer. As the data is sent, it is vulnerable to unauthorized access.

You can add the IIS security measures to your site to provide different levels of protection. Most of the configuration is performed by changing the security settings in the Windows Media Administration site properties in IIS. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) also requires that you obtain a certificate from a certification authority or create a certificate yourself by using Microsoft Certificate Services.

3.Basic authentication is widely used on networks for collecting user credential information. The advantage of basic authentication is that it is simple to use and works with most browsers, proxy servers, and firewalls.

4.Windows Media Services supports three transport protocols: User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

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