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Unique Japanese Characteristics Essay

Each person has different characteristics, but people living in the same countries tend to have some similar characteristics called the national character. Thus, there are unique characteristics which show national character from country to country. In terms of Japan, Japanese people have different way of thinking and sense of beauty from other countries.

First, Japanese people have unique way of thinking. They tend to make much of harmony. For example, they prefer to act as groups, so they try to avoid arguments and follow the majority to make good relationships. Moreover, they do not emphasize their individuality because they are afraid of being recognized as strange by others, and they are also shy. In addition, Japanese people always try to be polite. For example, they use honorifics when they talk with elders to show their respect. Moreover, as there is saying that a wise falcon hides its talons, they do not brag about themselves because they believe a modest attitude shows politeness. Therefore, Japanese people care about other people first, and this sense of give-and-take is why Japanese could overcome a lot of disasters because they can consider other people’s feelings and cooperate with each other.

In addition to the way of thinking, Japanese people have a unique sense of beauty. They can feel beauty from nonexistent objects. For example, in terms of sound, they focus on silence between sounds. They recognize silence as a sort of sounds, and they can enjoy silence as a sound. In terms of perception, they focus on space. For example, when they appreciate flower arrangement or bonsai, they recognize space as a part of works. Thus, they can enjoy nonexistent objects. In addition, Japanese people have a sense of transience. For example, they consider that flowers are beautiful because of their transient life. Thus, they think that they cannot notice beauty until the objects have an end, so they feel beauty in transient things. Therefore, Japanese people can enjoy suggested beauty.

In conclusion, Japanese people have unique characteristics such as a way of thinking and sense of beauty. They tend to care about others rather than themselves because they prefer to act as groups and have a sense of give-and-take. In addition, they can enjoy silence as a sort of sounds, space as a part of works, and a sense of transience as beauty. They may take these characteristics for granted, but Japanese characteristics differ from other countries, and they can be proud of their national character.

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